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6 Reasons to Take a Staycation

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Fun in the sun. Margaritas by the pool. Romantic candlelit dinners. Picturesque moments vaping while overlooking the panorama. Relaxing spa treatments

Snapshots of my last vacation? Nope. They’re memories of my last staycation.

Sure, a travelling vacation has its rewards – you discover new places, meet new people, and enjoy sometimes-life-changing new experiences. Indeed, the thought of vacationing in Hawaii, Greece, or more exotic locales is exciting. But the realities (the high cost, potential mishaps, uncomfortable beds, and the stress and hassles involved in traveling) are enough to give you second thoughts.

“You call this a vacation?”

Vacations are great, but they come with a price:

1. Travel Expenses
Expect to spend something in the area of $5,000 in airfare, hotel, rent-a-car costs. How about meals, guided tours, and entrance fees? Or entertainment, tips, and souvenirs?
2. Vacation To-Do Lists
Did you really pack everything you need? Did you remember to take travel insurance? Turn off the thermostat? Who’s going to feed the cat? Water the plants? Pick up your mail?
3. Airplane Anxieties
Ready for flight delays? Waking up early so you don’t miss your plane? Leg cramps and bland airplane food? And doing it again on your way back?
4. Vacation Doldrums
The beaches are magnificent — but will the sunny weather hold? The ruins spectacular — worth climbing 300 steps. Cuisine looks great — if only the menu was in English.
5. Post-Vacay Blues
Do you have a pile of work that accumulated in your absence? Are you thinking “Could I have done something better with that $5,000?”

Maybe next time, you should take a staycation!

A staycation means you hang around your home or take trips in your town, city, or state – instead of travelling long distances or to another country. At first glance, it may seem like second fiddle to a “real” vacation, but here are six reasons why it may actually be more relaxing, stress-free, and fun:

Easy Planning

#1 – Easy Planning:

No flights to book. No suitcases to pack. No itinerary to make. No pet-sitting to arrange. Just take a week off and do what you want to do.

Elminate Stress

#2 – Eliminate Stress:

Say goodbye to overpriced plane tickets and hotels; so long to time lost just getting there; good riddance to potential mishaps like missed flights and lost luggage.

Stay Comfortable

#3 – Stay Comfortable:

There’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed, and not having to worry about where to eat or vape — or whether your cell phone will work. But still be on “vacation.”

Take Your Time

#4 – Take Your Time:

Don’t be rushed or restricted by a strict sightseeing itinerary. Go to the beach, visit a museum, have brunch with friends – or simply do nothing. All at your own pace.

Do New Things

#5 – Do New Things:

Do what you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the time to do. Making photo albums, redecorating, reconnecting to old friends — staycation time is catch-up time.

Discover New Things

#6 – Discover New Things:

Discover new ways to have fun, right in your backyard. Find new parks, new watering holes, or new places to shop. See local surroundings in a new light.

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