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What Do Dads Really Want on Father’s Day?


Giving the perfect Father’s Day gift isn’t easy. Face it: Ties are so predictable, colognes can be tacky, and really good sports equipment like golf clubs are potentially above your pay grade. But hey – this is a really special guy and there’s only one day in the year specifically set aside for you and I to celebrate him, thank him, and show our love and appreciation for his being there for us, so spending a little time thinking about what your Dad really needs or wants is called for. Hint – ask yourself: What kind of guy is your Dad? What does he love doing? The answers may clue you in to what kind of Father’s Day gift would be a hit – or a miss!

Is your Dad an outdoors-y type (a new pair of sneakers) or a computer geek (a rollup flexible laptop keyboard)? Does he like tinkering around the house (a Home Depot gift card) or cooking a gourmet meal (a fancy set of spices)? Is he a movie fan (a DVD set of his favorite genre)? Does he love camping (a really comfy air bed) or fishing (heavy duty fishing gloves) or just taking it easy (portable hammock)?

Yes, when you think about it, the possibilities are endless!

But what about your vaping Dad?

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Did you know…

  • Father’s Day is the busiest day of the year for collect calls
  • Father’s Day in America has been officially celebrated annually only since 1972 –even if its origins date back to 1909. It was President Nixon who signed the law
  • Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June in most places, but not everywhere.
  • Neckties top the list of Father’s Day gifts
  • The rose is the official Father’s Day flower
  • Father’s Day is the fifth biggest card giving occasion in the world (according to Hallmark)
  • Total spending for Father’s Day, according to recent figures, is about $12.7 billion