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Vacation Everyday – Bring Your Vacation into The Rest of Your Life (Infographic)


So you’ve returned from your awesome vacation with a slew of pictures, videos and memories of you doing awesome things.

That was Saturday.

Now it’s Monday.

The alarm clock goes off at 6:30 and you drag yourself out of bed. Get dressed. Eat breakfast. Get to work.


It looks like you’ve been hit with the post-vacation blues.

Don’t feel bad though, 56% of all vacationers experience the blues when they return to work after their relaxing, awesome vacation.

Many feel bad about returning to work, many feel blue about getting back to their routine. Many even feel exhausted and depressed.


But the good news is that there’s an easy way around the post-vacation blues – just do the things you enjoy the rest of the year when you’re not on vacation.

Here’s a breakdown of what people do upon their return from their vacation to boost their post-vacation spirits (according to a BBC poll), and add some extra “vacation” into their lives:

  • 19% take weekend breaks. Whether you rent a cabin in the woods, go camping by the lake, rent a local hotel room or even just stay home, there are a ton of things you can do in your immediate area that will bring you all of the benefits of going on vacation without having to break the bank or use up any vacation days. Think of them as “mini vacations” that you take throughout the year.
  • 23% cook meals they enjoy. Were you served an awesome pasta dish while you were on vacation in Florida? Ask the waiter for the name of the dish, and when you get home, look online for a similar recipe. You’ll be surprised at how you can easily make many of these “fancy” dishes. Set aside an extra hour for cooking on the weekend, or even during the week, and serve the perfect dish to help you reminisce about your awesome vacation.
  • 34% relive their past vacations by looking at photo albums. Pull out those photo albums and have everyone gather around. Looking at vacation photos is a great way for people to bring up old stories. Stories that will bring fond memories for everyone who was involved (by sharon). Before you know it, two hours of quality time will have gone by. That sure beats having the family sit around the TV and not talking!
  • 74% immediately start planning the next vacation. Yeah I know what you’re thinking, you just got back from your vacation and your tan line is still visible. Why would anyone be thinking about what they’re going to do next year? The truth is it’s not a bad idea. The more time you have to plan something, the more likely you’ll be able to make the best choices for that vacation. It will give you time to do thorough research, and studies have shown that planning the vacation can be just an enjoyable as going on vacation.

So keep that in mind if you ever start to experience the post-vacation blues. Don’t fret about how much time there is until your next vacation. There are thing you can do now that you’ll also enjoy. Life is about enjoyment, and not just enjoyment 2 weeks out of the year when you’re on vacation.

That’s my report for today. Use it wisely.