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What Are Monthly Refills?


Like most people today, you probably live a hectic, 24/7 life. Every day, it’s home… office…business meeting… shopping… catching up with friends… going to the gym… planning vacations etc, etc.

So, while you LOVE smoking your Green Smoke® e-cigarettes, checking if you’ve run out of cartridge refills is way down on your to-do-right-away list.

What a real letdown, though, to find out – just when you are getting ready to vape – that your cartridge pack is empty and that you’ve forgotten to order refills! Lucky for you, Green Smoke® e-vapor already has a solution to that dilemma – the Monthly Refills Program! (Just so you know, Green Smoke® e-vapor was one of the first electronic cigarette companies to pioneer this effort.)

The Monthly Refills Program works only if you regularly order the same quantity of cartridges each month. The great thing about it is, you no longer have to log on and manually place your order each and every time you need to purchase our long-lasting FlavorMax™ cartridges. You also save money! And it’s really easy to subscribe to the program – here’s how:

• Go to the Cartridge Ordering Page on our website

• Choose the number of packs you want to receive every month, i.e. 4. 8, 12, 16, and click on the buy now button

• Choose the flavor blends and nicotine levels you want to receive every month

• Click on the purple “Add to Cart” button, instead of the green one

• Follow the sign-up instructions on the screen that appears

Once you’ve set up the number of cartridge packs that you want, your credit card will be automatically charged each month and the cartridges will be shipped to you.

Enjoy all the benefits of Green Smoke® e-vapor’s Monthly Refills program:

1. Experience the convenience of having your cartridge orders sent to you automatically.

2. Feel free to edit your Monthly Refills order (say, changing the flavor blend/s or nicotine level/s).

3. Stay in control – you can cancel your Monthly Refill order entirely, put it on hold (not get it for a few months), and restart it again whenever you want – simply by signing into your account or calling our Customer Service team.

4. Save between 15% – 25% each and every month.

5. Feel reassured with our secure ordering process: Green Smoke® e-vapor does not save credit card information and accesses only your confirmation code to place your order.

So go to our cartridge page and choose the pack size that fits your needs and sign up now for Monthly Refills program…just one of the ways Green Smoke® e-vapor enhances your user experience!

Note: At this time, the Monthly Refills program applies only to Green Smoke® e-vapor’s FlavorMax™cartridges.