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Holiday Gift Ideas for Men


Gift buying can be one of the most stressful aspects of the holiday season. There’s a lot of pressure to find those perfect gifts for your loved ones and the wrong present can cause far more dismay than it really should. While we all know it should be the thought that counts, the right gift often counts for a lot too. So, don’t stress – just browse this quick list of top holiday gifts that any man in your life would be happy to receive!

A case of his favorite beer – Whether your guy loves pilsners, stouts, or ales, he’ll get a real holiday feeling once he unwraps your gift. Betcha he wouldn’t have expected it either – which makes your gift even more appreciated. Make his day by preparing (or buying) a spread to enjoy the beer with – chips and dips, French fries, nachos and salsa, pizza.  Invite his best buddies over, play his favorite music, and enjoy!

The latest high-tech gadget he doesn’t have yet – Does your guy love gadgets? If you’ve got the budget, why not surprise him with the latest model smart phone or netbook? Is he a music fanatic and likes crystal clear high quality sound? Gift him with the newest portable speakers on the market. How about a “smart lock” (no more problems losing his keys)? Or a smart meat thermometer (if he’s a steak lover)? Or a robot vacuum cleaner?

E-gift card for his favorite online store – Great idea if he loves clothes, is picky, and values convenience above all. An e-gift card not only lets him do the choosing, it also lets him shop without leaving home and having to fight traffic and crowds and waste valuable time looking for parking space. An e-gift card –  very thoughtful of you!

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