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How To Get Free Electronic Cigarette Refills


Free Electronic Cigarette

Important Announcement: We’re happy to let you know that we now offer a FREE TRIAL* and you can get one of our leading electronic cigarettes FOR FREE! Click Here to find out how you can take advantage of this exclusive offer.

Which vaper wouldn’t want to get free electronic cigarette refills?

I’ll be the first to tell you that it is completely possible to never pay for cartridges again.

That’s the good news.

The not so good news is that you will need to do some work to get them…although not as much as you think.


Here are 3 ways you can get Green Smoke® cartridges absolutely free.

  1. Refer a Friend: Last year Green Smoke® e-vapor launched the Refer a Friend program. All you need to do is refer one of your friends to Green Smoke® e-vapor and when they buy a starter kit (minimum order $50 and up), we’ll give you $20 in store credit. The math is pretty simple, 1 friend = almost 2 free packs of cartridges. And for every 3 friends you refer, you’ll have enough for over 4 packs of cartridges.
  2. Earn Loyalty Points: Another way get free cartridges is to use your loyalty points. Each time you make a purchase at Green Smoke® e-vapor you’ll receive a certain amount of points. Before you know it you’ll have earned enough points for a free pack of cartridges.
  3. Recycle: Just send 80 used cartridges back – Green Smoke® e-vapor even pays for the shipping – and receive 20 loyalty points. You can use those points to redeem a free pack of cartridges (a $12.99 value!) – or you can save points and buy whatever strikes your fancy.

While these 3 tips are great for getting free cartridges, don’t forget about all of the other ways you can get discounts on Green Smoke® products. For example, take advantage of our monthly promotions.We typically have at least one sale each month where you can take between 10-20% off most products on the website. So be sure to keep your eye out for them.

And if you’re new to Green Smoke® e-cigs, use the coupon 5offcoupon when buying a starter kit to get 5% off!

If you’re not sure if Green Smoke® e-cigs are right for you, then feel free to check out our free trial and get a FREE electronic cigarette

* Offers subject to change and expiry at any time. $1 shipping and handling fee.