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What to Pack for a Summer Vacation


Hey, summer is here! And if you guys and gals are starting to plan your summer vacations, understand that any successful holiday starts with packing the right stuff – and that depends on where you’re going. For example, going to the beach or a ski resort would require different clothes, equipment, and supplies. Going camping would require bedding, while going on a cruise would not. On the other hand, dinner attire is a must-have for a cruise – but definitely not needed in a national park campground!

But whatever type of getaway you’re planning, there’s one thing you can’t leave home without – your Green Smoke® e-cigarettes! The Green Smoke® electronic cigarette is the perfect complement to any summer vacation plan. Here’s why:

You’ll travel well.

If you’re a vaper and you’ll be on the road (or water or ski slope) for more than a few days, you will want to be traveling light, yet not miss one minute of vaping enjoyment.  A typical Green Smoke® e-cig kit contains all the essentials for an enjoyable vaping experience – including long-lasting and rechargeable batteries and cartridges… charger, home and car adapters that’ll make sure you’ll never run out of vaping power… plus a free carrying case to hold them all in style. So while it occupies very little packing space, your e-cig kit will keep you vaping throughout your entire vacation.

You’ll have more money to spend on your vacation.

The Green Smoke® e-cig is innovative, convenient, and economical.  Thanks to Green Smoke® e-vapor’s advanced FlavorMax™ cartridge technology, each long-lasting cartridge gives you enough vaping enjoyment for about a day (if you’re a regular vaper). Each Green Smoke® pack comes with five cartridges, and costs only $12.99, or as little as $9.97 if you buy a 20-pack. That leaves you more money to spend on vacation activities!

You can enjoy them outdoors and indoors.

Because the Green Smoke® e-cigarette emits no offensive odor or ash, you can enjoy it without annoying fellow travellers. Vape indoors or outdoors – inside your camp tent,  inside the car during a long road trip, while strolling, fishing, or picnicking.*

So…enjoy your summer by packing the right stuff for your kind of holiday. Enjoy it even more by bringing along your Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes!

Here are some handy packing lists:

Going to the Beach? Don’t forget…
Bathing Suit
Flip Flops
Mp3 player
Smart Phone
Green Smoke® Kit

Going Camping? Bring along…
Cooking Equipment
Food Supplies
First Aid Kit
Trash Bags
Bug repellant
Green Smoke® Kit

Going on a Cruise? Be sure you have…
Lounging Clothes
Dinner Attire
Great Reads
Walking Shoes
Travel Guide
Your Passport
Green Smoke® Kit

Going on a Road trip? Pack up…
Food and Snacks
Audio Books
Road Maps
Paper Towels
First Aid Kit
Board Games
Emergency/Car Repair Equipment
Smart Phone
Set of Clothes
Green Smoke® Kit

* Be sure to check local vaping restrictions in the area.