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Fun in the Sun: Top 10 Beach Vacations!


Beach Vacations

It’s almost summertime. Time to start planning your beach vacation. But where to go? Fortunately, the good ole USA has a wealth of diverse beaches – and one of them is right for your romantic getaway or last-minute downtime. Can you hear the ocean waves now? Feel the sun in your face and the sand between your toes? To help you decide, here’s a peek into America’s best beaches right now (thanks to travel editors, customer reviewers, and other sundry experts):

Cool off with the A-Listers! East Hampton, NY, hosts Main Beach, where pristine sand, rolling waves, and delicious lobster rolls regularly draw in the bold-faced crowd. If this is your scene, go for it! Bonus attractions – secluded location, great facilities, picturesque views, oceanfront mansions, great lifeguard team, and that gilt-edged Hamptons ambiance.

Get in some serious beachcombing! Cape Hatteras, NC – named America’s first National Seashore in 1953 – boasts 72 miles of great vistas. Quaint fishing villages, a historic lighthouse, plus tales of shipwrecks off its wild seas contribute to its special character. Explore the beach’s famously high sandy dunes and marvel at its foaming surf. And in between, you can get in a lot of good suntanning and beach combing.

Enjoy the water! Kailua Beach, HI gives you two miles of pristine sandy white beach with just the right size waves…the bluest waters and beautiful mountain views…trade winds for a cool breeze…a complete menu of water activities, including kayaking and stand-up paddling to offshore islands…impressive bird sanctuaries…and ample restroom and parking facilities. With so many beaches to choose from, Kailua really stands out!

Take it easy! Clearwater, FL has attracted countless vacationers to its warm blue waters and soft snow-white sands, thanks to its reputation as one of America’s best beaches. Awaiting you:  a laid-back atmosphere… food, accommodation, and transport options to suit your taste and budget…fishing boat rentals and a dolphin-watching cruise…sunbathing, people-watching, and beach volleyball. 

Dive into a fun vacation! Myrtle Beach, SC is not the East Coast’s top vacation hub for nothing! It boasts of everything from water/amusement parks to restaurants to live entertainment. And its beach is a magnet for avid swimming, sailing, and surfing aficionados. Lots of great spots for fishing, too. Main draw? The clean beaches. Other equally main attractions? The casual feel and the hodge-podge of fun activities!

Have Myrtle Beach fun with a touch of luxury! Hilton Head, SC is the upscale beach destination for those who like fewer crowds. A slower and more leisurely pace. An hour at the spa rather than beach volleyball. Sunset-watching and seafood-dining. And a glass of cabernet and a jazz concert to cap the day. Great option for couples and individuals who like action…but aren’t in a rush!

Come for the waves! Hanalei Beach, HI is consistently rated number one on top 10 beach listings. No surprise there. Hanalei, which means “lei-making” or “crescent bay” (indicative of its bay’s shape) has been the backdrop of many movie productions. You’ll marvel at the two mile-long shore – shaped like a half moon, covered in white sand, and surrounded by volcanic mountains. There’s something for every beach lover: Big and challenging waves in the winter…sun, sand, and tranquility for summer beach-goers.

Come for the seals and snorkeling! Poipu Beach, HI, tempts you with it turquoise waters, white sand beaches, unique reef formations, and a repertoire of water-based activities. From the air, Poipu looks like three white crescents on a bed of blue. From the ground, the view features humpback whales, sea turtles, and the endangered Hawaiian monk seals. And underwater, a variety of colorful fish (including the state fish Reef triggerfish) promise to enhance your snorkeling!

Picture a coastal town with a beach! Ogunquit Beach, ME is ranked among the most beautiful in the world and brings you face to face with nature at its best. Enjoy miles and miles of clean white sand …an endless stretch of graduated beach that you can walk on forever (with the water coming only up to your chest)…the best place to watch the sun set and the moon rise! Looking for peace and quiet? Or just a “beautiful place by the sea”*? Book your next vacation here.

*What Ogunquit means in a Native American language

Go off the beaten path! The beaches at the Lower Keys, FL are untouched, unspoiled, blissfully isolated. Enjoy the slow pace, the wildlife, the scuba diving and snorkeling in one of the best beaches in the country. A range of accommodations are available – from exquisite, exclusive (and steep-priced) boutique hotels…to charming B&Bs…and even to houseboat vacations for the more adventurous. There’s no lovelier escape!

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