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Thinking of Owning a Dog? The Top 6 Reasons Why You Should!


Many people entertain the idea of owning a dog, but never end up actually adopting one. No doubt, owning a dog is a real responsibility and requires unwavering commitment. However, the reward is well worth all the effort! Dog ownership provides all sorts of benefits for your overall lifestyle. Here are six reasons why YOU should be a dog owner:

1. A Man’s Best Friend

How many times have we heard it? And it’s true. There is no beating the companionship that a dog can provide. When you take good care of your dog, he or she will repay you with steadfast loyalty and cheerful companionship. Whether you’re snuggling up on the couch, being greeted happily when you come home, or even being helped in an emergency, you can be confident your dog will always be by your side.

2. Your Own Safety

Besides the enjoyment they provide, dogs also serve as your first line of defense.  Many home intruders are deterred by the presence of a barking dog, and in the event of an emergency, dogs have been known to solicit help from neighbors. Your dog will always care about you, and look after you.

3.       Enjoy the Great Outdoors!

reasons to Own a Dog

 How many of us have resolved to do more exercise or spend more time outside, only to be bogged down again by work, the allure of the computer, or simple laziness. Your dog will force you to get up and get out! You’ll have no time for excuses when you know that your dog is counting on you to get outside for a little stroll around the neighborhood. Adopt a dog- and get some fresh air!

4.       Feel Gratified

Reasons to Own a Dog

There is something about our modern society which tends to make us focus on ourselves. Having a pet is a great way to be a giver and not a taker. You’ll find that there is great satisfaction in knowing that you’ve helped out a fellow creature, by providing it with food, shelter, and love.

5.       Pest Control

Reasons to Own a Dog

Ok, this one might seem insignificant, but – ask any dog owner – it’s not. Ever have mice in your house? Let’s just say it’s not pleasant. Having a certain breeds of dog around can go a long way in keeping those pests away. Some dogs love nothing more than chasing away a sneaky mouse or curious squirrel.  And insects? Well, if it’s food on the floor that attracts them, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Your dog will have no problem gobbling up any food that somehow makes its way to the floor. Consider how much money in exterminator bills you’ll save!

6.       It Really is Fun

Reasons to Own a Dog

Let’s cut to the chase: owning a dog is a fantastic experience. Living your life with a dog by your side is exhilarating and lots of fun. Dogs bring joy to millions of people across the world. Want to see what you’re missing out on? There’s only one way to find out…Become a dog owner today!