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Holiday Gift Ideas for Women


Why does gift giving have to be so complicated? It’s the thought that counts right? Well, in theory yes. But in real life, buying holiday gifts can be tricky and one woman’s dream gift could be another woman’s nightmare. So, while you might have to adjust gift ideas for her personal preferences, here are a few gift ideas that we think most any woman would enjoy!

Dinner and movie. What better gift than taking her on a movie/dinner date each and every month? Date night is always a great idea. She’ll appreciate that you’re giving her a break from the mundane chores of cooking dinner every night. more important, it’s a good opportunity for the two of you to leave behind your everyday cares and just focus on each other. So go ahead, make a reservation at her favorite restaurant. Ask her discreetly what movie she fancies. And then spring the surprise on her. You’ll surely win a lot of brownie points!

Spa day. Every woman loves to be pampered, and no woman can resist a day at the spa. So you’ve got two choices: Either get her a gift card at her favorite spa – and then treat her to lunch to cap her day of luxury. Or, gift her with a spa day at home. Buy a basket of high-quality soaps, creams, body scrubs, bath oils, balms, and other skin treatments. Add to the ambiance by spraying the home with a subtle fragrance. And oh, don’t forget a bottle of wine for a post-spa celebration.

Signature handbag. Or other designer accessories like scarves, belts, smart phone wallet, laptop case, and others. But this works only if you know her and her fashion tastes well. If you don’t, all is not lost. Do a little (subtle) research. Ask her friends. Observe what kind of style she goes for. Or even describe her to the salesperson and ask her opinion. Either your lady friend will jump for joy when she sees your gift – or, at the very least, she’ll deeply appreciate your efforts.

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