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Happy Independence Day!


Don’t you just love the annual fireworks displays? Especially if it takes place on or near the water? There’s nothing quite like the way the water reflects those fiery bursts of color. The July 4th fireworks display was always one of the highlights of summer for me. Whether you’re in a major city or the tiniest of towns, it’s pretty much guaranteed that just after nightfall the majority of America will be watching a fireworks display.

The Fourth is also a great time to get together with friends and enjoy a day off together. Whether you go to the lake or the beach, invite people over for a BBQ , or enjoy a vacation in a completely different city, it’s a great chance to relax and enjoy the summer.

While you’re enjoying the day off and the fireworks displays though, don’t forget what the 4th of July is really all about – an opportunity to get together with friends and appreciate a great country. So, in the spirit of the holiday why not grab a few Green Smoke® e-cigarettes and enjoy the chance to vape among friends – without annoying them with offensive odor?

Happy vaping…and happy Independence Day!