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Stylish Solutions to Storing Your Electronic Cigarettes – and More


Green Smoke® e-cig users: Wish there was a better way to carry your electronic cigarettes around – other than having them bounce around in your purse, fall out of your pocket, or get lost in the recesses of your briefcase? Now Green Smoke® e-vapor offers a stylish solution that will help you stow all of your e-cigarette essentials in one convenient place…find them when you need them…and even store sundry items that you need to carry every day!

Green Smoke® Leather Cases – handy, practical, and stylish accessory

A Green Smoke® e-vapor exclusive, these Leather Cases are crafted to hold and carry everything an e-cigarette vaper wants – in style. A must-have item, this deluxe carrying case offers the ultimate in comfort and convenience:

• Made with top-quality soft-to-the-touch leather
• Precision-stitched for long-lasting use
• Easily holds 2 batteries with cartridges attached, 3 extra cartridges, and a USB charger
• Available in your choice of black, brown, and tan
• Retails for only $34.99 or comes FREE with the Green Smoke®Ultimate Kit

Not for e-cigarettes only

And here’s the best part. Our Green Smoke® Leather Cases are versatile as well. When it comes to the types of items they can hold, the possibilities are endless. Use them to:

* Hold cash or credit cards
* Carry your cell phone or Mp3 player
* Tote keys or calculators
* Store pens, pads, or tickets
* Pack make-up, jewelry, toiletries, even utensils
* And more!

Just as Green Smoke® e-cigs are a perfect fit for your lifestyle, our Leather Cases are absolutely spot-on as a stylish and convenient way to carry them and the other necessities of daily life.

A great complement to a great product

Like you, many vapers are turning to Green Smoke® e-vapor products. So it only makes sense to carry them in style! Watch the video below, then visit our website to order your exclusive Leather Case.

What else will you put in your case?