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“Help…I Don’t Know Which E-Cigarette Flavor Blends to Choose!”


How many times have we heard this customer “complaint”?

Okay, we agree. With its awesome flavor blends and rich, thick vapor, plus its long-lasting cartridges and dependable batteries, the Green Smoke® electronic cigarette is pretty hard to beat. It’s pretty easy to select Green Smoke® e-vapor over other brands. But selecting an e-cigarette flavor blend? Hmmm. Not so easy.

Your options include three unique tobacco flavor blends – plus Menthol Ice®, Mocha Mist™, and Smooth Cream™. That’s six different ways to add flavor to your day!

Classic and simple?

Then come enjoy a simple and straightforward tobacco blend with a smooth, full-bodied taste: Absolute Tobacco.

Bold and daring?

Maybe go with this traditional tobacco blend with a bold, robust, and woody flavor. As intrepid and striking as you are: Red Label Tobacco®.

Extravagant and indulgent?

Indulge in a luxurious and complex tobacco blend with a mellow, aromatic taste: Tobacco Gold®.

Cool and sophisticated?

Enjoy a cool and fresh menthol blend with a crisp minty taste: Menthol Ice®.

Roasted taste lover?

Get a taste of a distinctive and aromatic blend with a rich, roasted taste: Mocha Mist™.

Prefer subtle and fine flavors?

Enjoy a mellow and subtle cream blend with rich and complex notes: Smooth Cream™.

Green Smoke® FlavorMax™ cartridges – different flavor blends for different folks. But whichever one you choose, you’ll be sure to add flavor to your day by vaping Green Smoke® e-cigarettes!