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When Bad Things Happen to Good E-Cigs


Electronic cigarettes. They could have the best and widest flavor varieties, the most advanced technology, the most efficient distribution channels. But in spite of it all, stuff happens.

And when bad things happen to good e-cigarettes, a quick, friendly, and knowledgeable customer service response can make a big difference!

Take, for example, the folks at Green Smoke® e-vapor’s STELLA Service award-winning Customer Service Department. Day after stressful day, they face numerous challenges – from resolving product issues to dealing with customer expectations. From handling criticism to hand-holding difficult customers. From exuding credibility to enhancing company image.

At Green Smoke® e-vapor, we went through our records to find out exactly how our Customer Care professionals handled such challenges. The records show that our team delighted our customers by delivering exceptionally caring, professional, and efficient service. Here are just a few examples:

Customer Service

Yes, when bad things happen to good e-cigs, Green Smoke®’s Customer Care makes it right. Because we walk the walk.