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Why Electronic Cigarettes Don’t Burn…a Hole in Your Pocket!


Money Saving Ecigs“I love vaping – but I also like saving!”
“Vaping lets me live within my budget!”
“I love that I can vape – and that price is not an issue!”

These are just some of the typical reactions of electronic cigarette fans. Vapers who use the Green Smoke® e-cigarette, for example, enjoy its sensational flavor blends, incredibly rich, thick vapor, and the unmatched, long-lasting pleasure it gives. They also love that they can get all this without leaving any offensive smoke, ash, or cigarette butts behind.

But perhaps the biggest reason for the growing electronic cigarette phenomenon (experts say that e-cigs are on track to make $2 billion in global sales this year) is also the most mundane. Big savings! As they say, e-cigs don’t burn…a hole in your pocket!

The secret is in the Green Smoke® cartridge.

As you know, Green Smoke®’s e-liquid cartridges contain the cutting-edge FlavorMax™ technology. Thanks to this innovation – designed to maximize flavor and provide incredibly high vapor volume – you get tons of rich, thick, flavorful vapor. So much vapor that your vaping enjoyment lasts and lasts and lasts.

But there’s more…

Green Smoke®s e-cigarette gives you even more ways to save.

New lower prices – Green Smoke® e-vapor just slashed its cartridge pack prices (save up to 23%). For example, a single pack (5 cartridges per pack) now costs just $12.99. That means you’re paying a measly $2.60 per cartridge. Buy in bulk and save more. For example, buy a 20-pack for just $199.40 (or an incredible $2 per cartridge)!

Subscribe to our Auto-Ship Program – Have your cartridge orders automatically and conveniently delivered to your doorstep every month. Save time and money – up to 10% every time! Never interrupt your vaping pleasure just because you forgot to order.

Earn points and redeem them for free Green Smoke® products – Earn points with EVERY purchase with our Loyalty Program. Recycling is rewarding – just send 80 used cartridges back (we even pays for the shipping) and receive 20 loyalty points. Or trade-up a competitor-brand battery-charger combo for a Green Smoke® Essentials Kit.

Now, that’s a whole lot of savings – savings that can go to your next vacation, a new gadget, a kitchen upgrade…or simply back to your pocket.

Good news! Pay only $79.97 for a Green Smoke® Pro Kit, the perfect starter kit – a small price to pay for the big savings that will surely follow!