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How to Choose Your Green Smoke® Starter Kit: A Complete Guide


Complete Guide to Choosing Your Starter Kit

You’re new to vaping and you’re about to buy your first Green Smoke® starter kit. Our five kits come with everything you need – batteries, cartridges, chargers, and more. But do you know which one to choose? Or do you find yourself asking these questions:

[] How many batteries do I need?

[] Which cartridge flavor blend should I get?

[] A car adapter or a wall adapter? Or both?

[] Do I really need all those accessories – or will the basics do?

[] Do I get the same vaping experience with the cheapest kit as with the costliest one?

Shopping for the perfect starter kit, especially if it is your first time, is like choosing the perfect home. Or the perfect vacation. You’ll want to know: Which one will give you what you REALLY need? To make the right decision, there’s but one rule: Know thyself – know thy Green Smoke® starter kit.

Batteries: How much do you vape?

The number of batteries in a kit is often the deal maker. Before you choose, think how often you vape or plan on vaping.

Do you vape only occasionally, on special occasions or only at specific events? Then the Essentials Kit (1 battery) will suffice for your needs. Just make sure to charge your single battery before you need it so you don’t get stuck.

Do you vape here and there throughout the day? The Express Kit (2 batteries) would be the best option . Although you may be able to live with just 1 battery, 2 batteries will certainly get you through the day. You can always have one battery charging and one ready to vape.

Do you vape regularly during the day? The Pro Kit, with 3 batteries and all the power you need, is what you want. Plus, our flagship kit has all the e-cig essentials – and then some!

Like to vape frequently all day long? Then, keep your e-cigarette powered by selecting the Ultimate Kit with its 4(!) rechargeable batteries, plus 2 USB chargers.

Long vs Short Battery: Like convenience? Or authenticity?

Do you live a busy life with 24/7 action? Then the last thing you need is to interrupt your vaping enjoyment just to recharge your e-cig battery. Choose our long battery – and be powered up through pretty much your entire day. Enjoy approximately 400 puffs on a single charge.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind recharging now and then and you like a realistic look and feel, our short battery is for you. You’ll enjoy approximately 250 puffs per charge.

*These figures are approximate and refer to a new, fully optimized battery. All lithium ion batteries lose some of their charge over time.

Chargers and Adapters: What’s your lifestyle?

Spend most of your day by your computer? Lucky you! You can recharge your batteries by simply using our USB charger – available with all our starter kits.

Usually indoors, but not near a computer? Use our wall adapter – included in all our kits except the Essential Kit.

Love your car and move around a lot? Choose our Pro, Ultimate, or Love Birds Kits – which come with both wall and car adapters.

Travel in buses, trains, or cabs? Since there’s no place to recharge your batteries, make sure to have plenty of fully powered batteries on hand.

Best starter kit option overall? The Pro Kit – with a USB charger and all the adapters you need at a best-value price. Computer users: The Pro Kit is for you too, in  case you need other charging options.

Flavor Blends: Which suits the real you?

Green Smoke® cartridges come in a wide variety of great flavor blends – just like the people who vape them.

Big on authenticity? Choose Absolute Tobacco – smooth and rich, with the taste of a classic American tobacco blend. Bold and daring? Try ultra-robust Red Label Tobacco cartridges – enjoy the kick of bold Virginia tobacco taste plus a woody accent. Extravagant and indulgent? Go luxe with Tobacco Gold flavor blend – a sublime blend of Burley, Oriental and Virginia tobaccos, akin to the finest cigars.

Cool and sophisticated? Menthol Ice flavor blend gives you a fresh, smooth menthol taste with every puff. Coffee lover? The Mocha Mist cartridge is the perfect accompaniment to your latte – with its freshly ground and roasted coffee taste, with just a hint of nuttiness. Love fine, delicate flavors? Smooth Cream flavor blend gives you rich, smooth, creamy goodness.

A born adventurer? Sweet and spicy, warm and aromatic Mountain Clove cartridges take exotic to a whole new level.

Which kit: New or experienced vaper?  Budget-conscious or value-conscious?

Just starting to vape? Make it easy, quick, and affordable. Our Essentials Kit – 1 battery, 2 FlavorMax™ cartridges, and 1 USB charger – is a great way to try it out.

Or step up with the Express Kit – 2 batteries, 5 cartridges, 1 USB charger, 1 wall adapter, and free carrying case. A great value at an introductory price.

Ready to upgrade? The best-value Pro Kit has 3 batteries, 10 cartridges, 1 USB charger, wall and car adapters so you can charge your batteries anywhere you want – plus a deluxe carrying case to conveniently hold them all.

Only a premium e-cig experience for you? You got it with the Ultimate Kit. Everything the Pro Kit has and more – extra battery, extra USB charger, extra adapters, extra carrying case.

Want to share your vaping experience? Yes, you can! The Love Birds Kit has everything the Pro Kit has – times two.

Disposables: Ready to vape but not ready to commit?

Thinking of trying electronic cigarettes – but don’t want to commit before knowing for sure that you’re going to enjoy it? Only an occasional vaper who finds vaping convenient only in certain situations? Always on the go and value convenience above all?

If you’re anyone of these, then Green Smoke® e-cigarette disposables are for you! They’re convenient and affordable, easy to use and easy to get (available online or in a convenience store near you).  And they’re available in two of Green Smoke® e-vapor’s most popular flavor blends (Absolute Tobacco and Menthol Ice, both at 1.8% nicotine level).

Pick up a Green Smoke® coupon and then get to know more about  our starter kits – and see which one is right for you!