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Stay Out of the Cold This Winter


In most parts of the country, January is one of the coldest months of the year. Every time you have to run outside for a simple errand at this time, you have to bundle up.

And the fact that there’s almost nothing going on – and nothing to do – the entire month can make it seem even colder. The holidays have passed. Valentine’s Day is more than a month away. And it’s very cold outside.

Inside your warm and cozy home – that’s the only place you’d want to be.

And when you use the Green Smoke® electronic cigarette, you can stay home and enjoy unmatched vaping pleasure at the same time. Savor the sensational flavor blends and incredibly rich, thick vapor volume – without leaving any offensive odor, ash, or cigarette butts behind!

That means you won’t annoy your non-vaping spouse or friends even as you’re enjoying your e-cigarette. No need to step out just to vape. With Green Smoke® e-cigarettes, you can literally come in from the cold!

Just imagine enjoying your e-cigarette while you….

Sit back in your recliner and read your favorite book.

Cuddle up by the fireplace and loosen up after a hard day’s work.

Share a great meal or drink with your loved one.

Entertain friends in the dining room….

The possibilities go on and on!