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Choosing an Electronic Cigarette


7 Things to Consider

All e-cigarettes are not created equal.

Here are seven things to consider when choosing an electronic cigarette:

1. Flavor: Let’s face it, you can certainly use any e-cig you want, but the ones that you’ll enjoy are the ones with great flavor. You might find that you like to change your flavor blend to match your mood or that you want to try a number of our flavor blends until you find your favorite. The point is the more flavor blend options, the more likely you’ll find the best one for you.

So choose an e-cig brand that’s known for the quality of its flavor blends and offers multiple flavor options. See what our customers think about our flavor blends.

2. High Vapor Volume: This is another thing to look for – high vapor volume. One of the little pleasures of vaping is watching the vapor escape your lips and form a cloud. Not all e-cigs are created equal in this regard. Be sure to read reviews and maybe even watch a video to make sure that your e-cig has a high vapor volume output.

3. Cartridge Life: Yes, you want to make sure you get good flavor from your e-cig, but you also want that flavor to last. It’s really annoying to have to change your cartridge after just a few puffs – even if you paid a cheaper price for that cartridge. So make sure that the e-cig you choose offers cartridges that last a long time. The more puffs per cartridge, the longer vaping time you’ll have between changing cartridges — and the more you’ll save because of it.

4. Durable, Quality Batteries: The e-cig battery is the main component of your e-cig. You should make sure that your battery is powerful enough to give you hours of vaping pleasure. It’s also important to make sure that the battery is durable, as throughout your busy day it’s sure to take a number of bumps. Check out what our customers think about the Green Smoke® e-cig battery.

5. Ease of Use: When e-cigs were first introduced to the market they utilized a tank design. This design required vapers to manually refill their e-cigs with a messy vaping liquid that would frequently spill and get everywhere, staining clothing and furniture.

Today the industry standard is a more simple design. This design makes replacing the e-cig cartridge very easy, because the cartridge comes filled with vaping liquid. To replace the cartridge, you simply need to twist off the used cartridge,  and screw on a fresh one. Learn how e-cigs work.

6. Multiple Charging Options: If you choose an e-cig kit which only has a USB charger, then you’ll be out of luck when you run out of power and you’re nowhere near a computer to charge it. Be sure to get an e-cig kit that gives you multiple charging options – preferably a car adapter and a wall adapter. This pretty much ensures that you’ll be able to charge your battery anywhere you are. See your Green Smoke® charger options here.

7. Customer Care: This is a tip that really applies to any product you choose, e-cig or not. A good customer care team is essential for guaranteeing that you get the best experience possible. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of money on an e-cig kit, find out the battery doesn’t work and then spend hours trying to reach an actual person on the phone to help you; quite frustrating!

Be sure to choose a company with reliable customer care and product guarantees. Look for warranties on products and a live chat option. So be smart and choose a brand that offers generous return and warranty policies. A good customer care department ensures a good experience for you.

We at Green Smoke® e-vapor are proud to have received the StellaService award for Excellence in Customer Service, and the Bizrate Circle of Excellence award.

By the way, we also offer totally free shipping on all paid orders within the United States, with no order minimum. Hey, you’re the customer. You deserve not just a superior product — but superior service as well.