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5 Must-Bring Items Whenever You Leave Home


If yours is a busy, fast-moving, can’t-spare-a-minute lifestyle, it’s easy to just rush out of the house and forget to bring vitally important items that, in today’s world, you just can’t live without. Okay, many people forget to eat breakfast – but this is something that can be remedied on your way to, or when you arrive at, your destination.

I’m talking about the essentials of 21st century living – stuff that, once you’ve realized that you’ve forgotten them, will either compel you to make a time-consuming trip back home, or – should you decide not to – will cause you to spend the rest of the day on pins and needles, in the hope that you will never need to use that forgotten item… but odds are that of course you will! Here are the 5 must-bring items whenever you leave home, in no particular order:

Your cellphone. Hard to admit, but if you’re like most people, your cell phone is your life. You need it to conduct business… stay in touch with people… keep on top of your schedule… set dates or appointments… and, yes, to ensure your safety (and even save your life!) should you find yourself in an emergency or dangerous situation. And with today’s smartphones and their advanced capabilities, you can even enjoy internet services, play games, get driving directions, take pictures, and more.

Your phone charger. Is there a more frustrating thing than to remember to bring your cellphone – and then find out it isn’t charged? You could scrounge around and borrow one, of course, but cellphones work with specific chargers so that’s not a guaranteed solution. To make sure you’re never without your phone charger, keep one at home, and another in your purse, briefcase, or car.

Your wallet. Your wallet is not just a flat, folding, pocket-sized object. It holds some of the most critical items for your daily life – your cash, credit cards, bank cards, identification documents (e.g., driver’s license), business cards, membership cards, electronic key card, emergency contact information, perhaps even some family photos. Leaving it home is not only inconvenient but could force you to reschedule important errands, or even get you in a legal bind should you get pulled over.

Your laptop/tablet. These days, computer laptops are not just for business professionals, but also for students, retirees, housewives, and anyone who needs to search for information, write a document, email a friend or colleague, or be entertained. Bringing your own laptop with you gives you the convenience of being able to do all that wherever you find yourself – at work, in a café, in a bus, cab, or airport lounge; or on the plane itself!

Your Green Smoke® e-cig. You’re miles away from home, or you’ve reached your destination, only to find out that you’ve left your e-cigarettes at home! What a drag! Make sure you always have spare Green Smoke® cartridges, batteries, and car or USB chargers  in your purse and car. (They’re all easy to carry and transport in one of our Green Smoke® carrying cases.) This way, you’ll always be able to vape when you want to. No reason to miss those sensational flavor blends and that rich, thick vapor volume.

So right before you walk through that door, check. Make sure that you have all the essentials of everyday living!