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4 Reasons to Shop Online on Black Friday


Black FridayIt’s a great American tradition: After filling our stomachs on Thanksgiving Day, we then move on to empty our wallets the very next day. That’s right. Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving and the busiest day of the shopping calendar – is when most folks line up in stores at the crack of dawn and proceed to jostle, muscle, and tragically, trample their way to the biggest bargains of the year. Those who get through the stampede win.

But there is an easier way to enjoy all those savings – without battling the traffic, fighting over parking spots, and queuing for hours. By simply NOT leaving the house and shopping online instead, you avoid the mobs, mayhem, and madness associated with Black Friday shopping. Here’s why:

Shopping online is easier.

Online stores are open 24 hours, seven days a week. That means you don’t have to wake up at an ungodly hour, drive like a zombie in heavy traffic, search futilely for that non-existent parking spot, and reach the mall only to find out that the line is now several blocks long. Nope. When you shop online, you can get up anytime you want and search for the best bargains in your PJs – while enjoying your morning cup o’ joe. You can shop – and still do your chores and make your appointments. And say good-bye to those endless cashier lines. You can search, shop, and pay for your stuff with just a few clicks. And the best thing is, you don’t have to lug that big-screen TV, vacuum cleaner, or microwave all the way to your car – because online stores deliver (and sometimes for free!).

Shopping online is cheaper.

Enjoy the markdowns on the many products on sale this Black Friday. But also enjoy the additional savings that you get by shopping for these items online. Save on any markups that offline stores may pass on to you to pay for overhead or other operational expenses. Save on gasoline – a biggie! Save on sales tax that brick-and-mortar stores are bound to have. Plus, add to your Black Friday savings by taking advantage of the coupons, deals, rewards, free points, and other promotional offers extended by many online stores.

Shopping online is more efficient.

Here’s the thing: You can either waste time and go from store to store in search of the best bargains. Or you can shop online and simply go from site to site. Without traveling or leaving the comforts of home, you can have the biggest or most varied selections at your fingertips. You can search by store or product category, sort products by price and compare prices, and find product reviews and user ratings for the items you want to buy. In no time at all! Best of all, instead of shopping offline and being pressured to buy because of the limited time and long cashier lines, you can shop online and enjoy the flexibility. Feel free to take your time, change your mind, leave the online store and come back again.

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