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Electronic Cigarette Dos and Don’ts


Electronic cigarettes from Green Smoke® e-vapor offer a truly enjoyable vaping experience. Whether you vape regularly or just here and there, these guidelines will help you get the most out of our products.

Do try the wide variety of flavor blends that Green Smoke® e-vapor offers, like our three distinct tobacco tastes. Many people try one flavor blend and stick with it, like our Smooth Cream® or our Menthol Ice®. That’s too bad. There might be another flavor blend that they’ll like even more, like our Mountain Clove® or our Mocha Mist®. So be sure to check out all of our sensational signature flavor blends, before choosing the ones you love the most!

Don’t let your battery die while vaping. Even if you can still get some energy out of your battery, if it is not properly charged, the flavor could suffer.

Do sign up for the Monthly Refills Program (Subscribe & Save) so you won’t run out of FlavorMax™ cartridges (and save up to 25% on each order). Signing up is simple, just choose the number of packs, the flavor blends, and the nicotine levels you want and click on the purple “add to cart” button when checking out. The program will automatically send out your order (until you cancel), saving you precious time and money.

Don’t overcharge your batteries. Once you see that the battery light has turned green, your battery is charged and should be removed from the USB charger. Leaving the battery on for too long can reduce the lifespan of your e-cig so it’s best not to leave it charging overnight.

Do feel free to contact our customer care hotline if you ever experience any difficulties in ordering or using our products. At Green Smoke® e-vapor, we are always here to help. So don’t be shy! We are here for you!