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What’s Memorial Day without Your E-Cigarettes?!


Pretty boring, if you ask me. Because taking puff after puff of Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes, for instance, just adds so much pleasure to the myriad of Memorial Day activities that we’ve been looking forward to all year!

As you know the last Monday of May is a day to remember and pay tribute to all the men and women who have fallen while serving our country.

It is also known as the unofficial start of the summer season, a time to celebrate life, break out of the winter blahs, and dive right into the joy of summer. Because of e-cigarettes’ unique qualities, they fit right into the scheme of a great Memorial Day weekend, whether you are:

Hitting the beach

Best accompaniments to the sun, sea, and sand? Sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, the latest best-seller – and your Green Smoke® e-cigarette. Because nothing beats its sensational flavor blends, its rich, thick plumes of vapor, and the sheer pleasure of vaping while just laying there and doing nothing. Best of all,  you can vape all you want without leaving any unpleasant odor, ash, or cigarette butts to annoy fellow beach goers. Win-win all the way!

Doing a backyard BBQ

When you bring your Green Smoke® e-cigarette to a Memorial Day barbecue, you can be sure that the only odor will be coming from the grill. What’s more, you can be sure that the steaks, kebobs, and beer will be more enjoyable with a puff or more of your favorite Green Smoke® e-cig flavor variety.

Enjoying a dinner cruise

Mmmm…can anything be more gratifying than ending a great meal with your favorite Green Smoke® e-cig flavor variety while watching the twinkling lights on the harbor? But which flavor blend to choose from among so many? The crisp, mellow menthol flavor of Menthol Ice™? The unique, rich, roasted Flavor Mocha Mist™? The smooth, rich flavor of Smooth Cream™? Or any of those three robust tobacco flavors – Absolute Tobacco, Red Label Tobacco™, or Tobacco Gold™? Green Smoke® e-cigs are available in all these incredibly rich flavor blends – and in a wide range of nicotine levels!

Watching TV

Memorial Day is for couch potatoes too. So go ahead – watch your favorite soaps, movies, talk shows and more. But be sure to have your Green Smoke® e-cigarette with you. No worries that you have to get up to recharge the battery or replace your cartridge. Our batteries are dependable and long-lasting. And our FlavorMax™ technology-enhanced cartridges give you tons of rich vapor. So no. You won’t be missing any part of your show.

Sightseeing or going on road trips

The Green Smoke® e-cigarette is a great traveling companion simply because of its long-lasting yet rechargeable batteries and its replaceable cartridges. Battery out of power? Simply recharge it using your car adapter. Cartridge depleted? No need to look for a store. Just unscrew it from the battery and replace with a fresh one (our cartridges come in five-per-pack packages). Staying put or on the go, enjoy a matchless vaping experience!


You can shop till you drop on Memorial Day because Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes give you more bang for your vaping buck. And ultimately, puts more greenbacks back in your pocket or in your shopping budget! Did you know? Each Green Smoke® pack comes with five cartridges, and costs only $12.99, or as little as $9.97 if you buy a 20-pack. And with Green Smoke® e-cigs, you get so many ways to save – including loyalty and rewards programs and ongoing product sales.

Going to movie nights, parties, or other indoor activities

Memorial Day is for having a good time – not for doing chores the morning after! So if you’re hanging out indoors, encourage your vaping friends to make it a Green Smoke® e-cig party. Because the e-cig produces no offensive odor, ash, or cigarette butts, there is no need to clean ashtrays, vacuum carpets, or send smelly sheets, curtains, or upholstery to the dry cleaners! Plus, your hair, clothes, and home won’t end up smelling like a chimney!

So how are you spending your Memorial Day weekend? Whatever you’re doing, have a great one…and happy vaping.