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8 Most Likely Fans of E-Cigarettes: Are You One of Them?


e-cigarette fanAt first glance, you’d think that electronic cigarettes (like Green Smoke®’s  e-cigs) would attract only a handful of people – those who enjoy vaping without leaving offensive odor, ash, and cigarette butts behind.

But having talked to friends, neighbors, and colleagues, I’ve discovered that e-cigarettes appeal to a lot more folks.

Here are the 8 most likely fans of electronic cigarettes – in no particular order. Do you see yourself in the list?

1 Those Who Want to Have Cake and Eat It, Too

What if you could get all the pleasure, but none  of the unpleasant odor, ash, and cigarette butts? E-cigs give you the chance to have it all: amazing taste, thick vapor, and simplicity. You can even vape outdoors in most places, although it is always best to make sure before taking a puff in a public place. Have your e-cig and vape it too, with Green Smoke® e-cigarettes.

2 Social butterflies

Are you a fun, gregarious people-person who loves attending parties, going to clubs, and hanging out with friends? Then grab a hold of your Green Smoke® e-cigarette and the party is on! Why? Because you can enjoy it indoors or out! No more interrupting a fun night.

3 Telecommuters (or Those Who Work with Computers All Day)

Work and vape with ease, especially with our e-cigarette. It’s easy to use – just plug your USB charger into the nearest port, and always have one battery charging away. Feel free to vape all day – no chance of leaving an unpleasant odor in your home and office. No risk of ash falling all over your keyboard. No messy butts to dispose of. Bonus for computer workers in an office? Your boss might let you vape inside. You save more time, get more things done if you can vape right at your desk.

4 Homebodies and couch potatoes

Okay, these guys may not all own homes straight out of Architectural Digest. But because they stay home most of the time, they would at least want to keep their surroundings ash-free, cigarette butt-free, and offensive-odor-free – even as they’re enjoying a good vape. Which makes Green Smoke® e-cigs the perfect solution. If you’re busy, no need to interrupt your work to clean up ashtrays. If you’re not (attention, couch potatoes), no need to get up to do same.

5 Employers

What do all employers want? Maximum productivity. With Green Smoke® e-cigarettes, employees can vape without  having to leave their desks, exit their buildings, and go to the parking lot every time they have the urge to take a break! No more interruptions – reports will meet deadlines, management meetings will continue, and urgent tasks will get done.

6 Bar and restaurant owners

Some people just have to take a puff after a meal or while drinking. With electronic cigarettes, bars and restaurants will flourish because vapers and non-vapers can get along. And even sit together. Vapers can enjoy their unpleasant-odor-free, ash-free, cigarette-butt-free e-cigarettes…while those who don’t vape will have no reason to complain. Everyone’s happy. Especially the bar or restaurant owner.

7 Commuters

For many people, commuting by bus or train to and from work is “decompression” time – time to get ready for a full day or take a break from one. What better way than by taking a long, smooth draw of your e-cigarette and enjoying the smooth flavorful experience – without annoying fellow commuters with offensive smell.  Discover why e-cigs are a commuter’s best friend!

8 The budget-conscious

Thanks to Green Smoke’s innovative FlavorMax™ Cartridge – designed to maximize flavor and provide exceptionally high vapor volume! Each Green Smoke® pack comes with five cartridges, and costs only $12.99, or as little as $9.97 if you buy a 20-pack. Save even more by joining the Subscribe & Save program, and taking advantage of ongoing sales and saving opportunities.

So, which one of these likely fans of e-cigarettes are you?