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Meet Our Brand Manager: Esther


      When did you start working for Green Smoke E-Vapor? I started working in our Marketing department in March of 2011. ● Where are you from? I was brought up in Queens, New York. ● What’s your favorite recreational activity and why? I love hiking. I love being outdoors, and enjoying the beauty of nature. When I’m appreciating ...

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4 Reasons to Shop Online on Black Friday

Black Firday | Shop E-Cigs Online

4 Reasons to Shop Online on Black Friday It’s a great American tradition. After filling our stomachs on Thanksgiving Day, we quickly move on to emptying our wallets the very next day. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and the busiest day of the shopping calendar, is when most folks line up in stores at the crack of dawn and ...

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6 Reasons to Take a Staycation

Staycation Thumbnail

Fun in the sun. Margaritas by the pool. Romantic candlelit dinners. Picturesque moments vaping while overlooking the panorama. Relaxing spa treatments Snapshots of my last vacation? Nope. They’re memories of my last staycation. Sure, a travelling vacation has its rewards – you discover new places, meet new people, and enjoy sometimes-life-changing new experiences. Indeed, the thought of vacationing in Hawaii, ...

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Word of the Year: Vape


Word of the Year: Vape The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year is “Vape.” In honor of this occasion, they’ve published a nifty infographic, detailing information all about this special word. They also discuss it in their November 17, 2014 blog post. In part of that blog post, they talk about the origin of the word: Although e-cigarettes weren’t commercially ...

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Vapedia: Understanding Vaping Acronyms


(Part 1 – E-Vapor Devices) Scratching your head over APV? Confused between DCT and DCC? If you want to know what those strange e-cigarette acronyms mean, help is on the way. Here’s a handy and  helpful guide to common e-cig device abbreviations and their meanings. Now you can talk the talk – and actually know what you mean. Acronym What ...

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How to Give E-Cig Cartridges Tender Loving Care

E-cig cartridge care

Rich flavor blends. Thick vapor. Long-lasting enjoyment. You get so much pleasure from each puff of your Green Smoke® e-cigarette – but you can maximize that pleasure by giving your e-cig cartridges a little TLC. Show the love through correct usage, proper storage, damage prevention, and other measures. Here are 10 ways to do it: 1. Show you care. Extend cartridge life by always using it correctly. For ...

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