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Thanksgiving: 6 Things This Vaper Is Thankful for


In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, I would like to thank Green Smoke® e-vapor for its awesome electronic cigarettes. Here are all the things I am thankful for about Green Smoke®’s e-cigs: Thanks for offering so many rich flavor blends. Let’s see, what will I try today…Mocha Mist™ or maybe Menthol Ice™, how about Mountain Clove™ or Smooth Cream™? But the tobacco flavors, ...

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Green Home Renovating: Pay it Forward


What exactly is green home renovation? No, it doesn’t involve painting your home avocado green or turning it into a terrarium. Any improvements you make on your home that result in using fewer of the earth’s limited natural resources and cuts down on waste are steps towards green renovation. To begin, there are some quick fixes which can be done ...

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Environmentally Friendly Living: 15 Tips for Renters

Just because you are a renter does not mean that you have to compromise on your standard of living. Here are 15 cheap and simple ways to make your rental apartment or home more environmentally friendly: Replace old light bulbs with low-energy ones. Turn off lights in empty rooms. Put a water-efficient shower head in the bathroom (cost: about $50). ...

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Organically Yours… Some Facts About Organic Food

With the recession still going strong, frugal households all over the states are trying to cut corners wherever possible- and one of the first items to be snipped away is usually the food budget. Unfortunately, organically-farmed produce, though nutritionally superior, often carries a heavy price tag “Where did you say you were from?” Don’t assume that buying “organic” is always ...

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How Is it Getting Warmer if I’m So Cold?: Global Warming Myths Debunked

For those environmentally-minded individuals who are bothered by the comments and claims of global warming refusniks, has a well-researched list of 119 rebuttals to global warming skeptics. As in most things in life, the best defence is a good offense, and each rebuttal is linked to numerous supportive reports and studies. Here are twenty picks from the list at ...

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Green Smoke® E-Cigarette Essential Accessories


GreenSmoke® e-cigarettes offer a wide range of accessories designed to enhance your vaping experience.   USB Charger Plug the USB charger into your computer, PC or Mac, and just screw in the battery. The battery is fully charged when the light indicator turns green.   Car Adapter for USB Charger This 12V car lighter receptacle adapter can be used with ...

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