Meet Scott

Scott Seltzer

Juggling a career in QA (Quality Assurance) for more than two decades has given Scott a perspective of the website most never consider. Scott and his team of software testers check the website’s programming and functionality before it gets to be the finished product that you enjoy. “Searching for problems is like solving a puzzle, knowing I can find something ...

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Meet Our Brand Manager: Esther


      When did you start working for Green Smoke E-Vapor? I started working in our Marketing department in March of 2011. ● Where are you from? I was brought up in Queens, New York. ● What’s your favorite recreational activity and why? I love hiking. I love being outdoors, and enjoying the beauty of nature. When I’m appreciating ...

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How the Green Smoke® 365-Day Limited Warranty Works for You

read all about our ecig battery warranty

How’s your battery holding up? It’s pretty durable. And reliable. It has to be. It’s the energy behind your vaping pleasure. It’s a lithium ion battery designed for optimal and long-lasting performance. It comes in two sizes and nine beautiful designer options that add style and personality to your vape. When used properly, and depending on your personal vaping style, ...

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4 Reasons to Shop Online on Black Friday

Black Firday | Shop E-Cigs Online

4 Reasons to Shop Online on Black Friday It’s a great American tradition. After filling our stomachs on Thanksgiving Day, we quickly move on to emptying our wallets the very next day. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and the busiest day of the shopping calendar, is when most folks line up in stores at the crack of dawn and ...

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Autumn Harvest: Dessert Pairing Menu

Featured Image for Dessert Pairing Menu

Autumn has arrived. Some people like to rake leaves, and some prepare their homes for the coming winter. Others, however, prefer to use the plethora of fresh autumn fruit to create fancy desserts. If you're a vaper, and like to treat yourself to a little something after a meal, then we'd like to suggest the following pairs of autumn specialties ...

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Living In the Moment: How to Be Mindful

Featured Image Mindfulness

Chances are, you’ve heard everyone from celebrities to your free-spirited Aunt Linda talk about the benefits of mindfulness. And while that may cause you to conjure up images of Buddhist monks meditating in a field, the truth is that mindfulness has become so mainstream that it’s used everywhere from Wall Street to prisons. But what exactly is this mysterious way ...

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6 Reasons to Take a Staycation

Staycation Thumbnail

Fun in the sun. Margaritas by the pool. Romantic candlelit dinners. Picturesque moments vaping while overlooking the panorama. Relaxing spa treatments Snapshots of my last vacation? Nope. They’re memories of my last staycation. Sure, a travelling vacation has its rewards – you discover new places, meet new people, and enjoy sometimes-life-changing new experiences. Indeed, the thought of vacationing in Hawaii, ...

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Disconnect to Re-Connect

Disconnect Article | Hit the Beach

Disconnect from Tech, Re-Connect with Yourself From the second your alarm goes off in the morning, you’re bombarded by technology. Whether it’s your alarm clock blaring, or your boss’s first phone call before 8 AM, chances are you’ll spend the next 15 hours or so staring at a screen. But it’s no secret that while technology often makes our lives ...

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Customer Review Breakdown | Infographic

Customer Review Breakdown

Our passion is listening to our customers. Check out the following infographic — a visual representation of the reviews you, our customers, have written at (from January 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015). Find out: How many five-star reviews did we get? Which flavor blend got mentioned the most in our five-star reviews? Which adjectives are used the most ...

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